YouthBuild San Joaquin

Learn a Trade
In conjunction with the education component, YouthBuild San Joaquin (YBSJ) is a job training and pre-apprenticeship program in which young people receive close supervision and training in construction technology from certified construction instructors.  Students enrolled in construction technology courses learn basic skills necessary for succeeding in an apprenticeship program and gain trade experience needed to secure high-paying, in-demand construction jobs.  All projects completed by YBSJ students are dedicated to improving the community and/or developing housing for low-income residents.  

Get Paid
YBSJ IS NOT A JOB, but students are eligible to receive stipends intended to offset basic living expenses.  Stipends and the amount of money received are directly connected with each student's attendance.  With this, YBSJ is a drug free zone and strictly adheres to a zero tolerance policy.  This policy is enforced by frequent random drug testing.  

Plan Your Future
All YBSJ graduates receive support services for one year after graduation to ensure a successful transition into the world of work and college.  YBSJ staff will work with each graduate to help him or her make their post-grad plan a reality.  Services are based on student needs, but include: 

  • work readiness skills preparation 
  • developing a resume and cover letter 
  • preparing for interviews
  • searching and applying for jobs
  • career exploration
  • taking college tours
  • researching and applying for financial aid
  • filling out college applications.  

Enjoy Ongoing Support
As part of the YouthBuild experience, all members will benefit from a year of support from a Follow Up Specialist.  The specialist will check in with each member at least once per quarter to help with placement and monitor progress.   The specialist helps with a number of different placement types.  

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