Cameron Probst Alumni Update

YouthBuild San Joaquin

Hard headed and didn’t want to listen to anyone was his attitude throughout his entire life. Cameron Probst grew up without a father and lived in a small one bedroom apartment along with his mother in Stockton, CA. Cameron was pretty much on his own and was never given any financial support from his family except for a roof over his head. He entered boot camp at San Joaquin juvenile detention center at the age of 17 for a year. While in camp; Cameron was given the opportunity to enroll into the YouthBuild San Joaquin program where he excelled. Hands on experiences in construction training combined with leadership development, counseling, and mentoring helped Cameron develop exceptional employability skills.  An opportunity came knocking on the door and Cameron got himself signed up for the Carpenters Union. He went through nine weeks of mental and physical bootcamp. Due to the economy and recession, job opportunities was difficult during the time, however, because of Cameron’s persistency, determination, and patience, he received a call that changed his life. Cameron was called out to work in Folsom, CA at the Folsom Dam project with Grand Construction. After a year, he migrated over to Standford University with Contractor Urata & Sons Cement Inc. working on the energy central plant. Cameron’s work ethics, attitude, and determination landed him a 

promotion to journeyman wage at $40/hour 

at a six period apprentice level. Cameron couldn’t be thankful enough and stated compared to five years ago, he transformed into a whole different person. Cameron gets up with pride every morning for work. He wanted to build a career for himself and without the struggles in his life; he wouldn’t have been able to push it through and finish out strong. He was the one person in his family that everyone expected to be the failure. Cameron’s words of advice are, “don’t give up because you never know what was behind the door you were going towards”.



 Picture: Cameron is on the boomlift helping with the removing of concrete forms